Time to reset…

Man this has been a crazy year! And it’s not over yet…

Do you feel like you could just hit ‘reset’ on the world, and start over. I mean, like you do on your phone or computer when it’s acting crazy… Just reset everything back to square one!

I don’t know about you, but there is no way in my wildest dreams, I could have anticipated this year…. and all that it has been! CRAZY!

Its been filled with challenges, tests, the unexpected, the unknown and so much more…

The choice could be to give up or give in. To succumb to the crazy that we are in, and hibernate. To decide that you can’t take another step forward. I know so many that feel that way, and have struggled to find a new normal and hold onto hope.

Like all things, I relate this back to dog training.

When you get a puppy, rescue, rehome or older ‘new dog’, its not dissimilar. I look back at each of my dogs, and I couldn’t have anticipated some of the lessons, experiences and challenges they have presented to me. Being honest, there have been countless times when I have thought, ‘I can’t do this’….. I want to walk away, I want to give up… BUT there is something inside me, that pushed me on. It is at this point that I just have to ‘Reset’.

That dares me to dig deeper.

Thats my choice. As a professional dog trainer, I believe in having the ability to relate to ANY dog, and experience ALL the many variations dog ownership, dog sports and training presents. How can I relate to my students if I haven’t had the challenges that they may have?

There are always genuine circumstances when walking away is the wisest decision for all, and putting the needs of the dog first, but for me, as a professional who teaches others, educates and has a platform which others look to, I choose to persevere and take the lessons sent to me.

Well in the spirit of crazy times, I didn’t expect a puppy from my last litter to come back to me. ‘Smartie’, a male pup from my last litter had been homed to an experienced home, and started off brilliantly. It all seemed to be going swimmingly well… but in true 2020 fashion, something changed.

A clash of personalities, a mismatch of circumstances. It doesn’t really matter, but as his breeder, I felt responsible for him and his future. Smartie’ came back to me.

Like with all dogs that come into my home, be it one of my own, or a clients dog, I allow them time to settle and gain confidence. This may take seconds, minutes, hours or days… it doesn’t matter. Leaving them to ‘Reset’.

I did the same with ‘Smartie’ and gave him time to settle and allow him to find his place with my dogs.

I credit my dogs with so much influence on dogs that come into my home. They give them exactly what they need, be it space, confidence, boundaries, nurturing…

He didn’t know how to settle or relax, or just chill. He was like a hyperactive child, and as they say ‘the devil makes work for idol hands’. He was a pup, full of energy but not knowing what to do with it.

Within a short space of time, I could see ‘Smartie’ settle and start to find his place.

I could see him start to ‘Reset’.

A key turning point was when all my other dogs were settled and chilling, and he took himself next to Punch, and curled up and went to sleep.

He simply needed to ‘Reset’.

Well 2020 has been full of the unexpected, so why not continue in that vain.

‘Smartie’ is here to stay… but he needed a new start… and what else could it be…

Welcome ‘Reset’ to the family. Get comfortable son, you’re not going anywhere.

Smartie aka ‘Reset’

3 Replies to “Time to reset…”

  1. What a lovely story to read this morning amidst all this negativity. Somehow Smartie I think you are going to have a wonderful life and look forward to reading about you as you mature!


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