Mountain Climbing!

I have been involved in dog sports for 30yrs, training numerous dogs of my own to the highest level, and competed in various disciplines. In addition, I have coached numerous people to the top level in their respective dog sports, including Crufts, World Championships and International competitions…

But let me tell you. 

That prospect of starting that journey can seem like climbing a mountain!! I have two young puppies at the minute, Jungle my 9month old Malinois and Hottie, by 4 month old Border Collie, and when I contemplate all the lessons that they need to learn it can be quite daunting! 

EVERY time I get a puppy or new dog, I visualise being at the base of a HUGE mountain, so tall I can’t even see the top.. but I can see how steep it is, I know how harsh the terrain is, and how challenging the altitude will be… I may not have been on this exact mountain before, but I have climbed up many others, so I know what is to come.

I know there will be days, when I want to turn back… I know that there will be days when I feel like I cannot walk a single step… and days when I am so out of breath, in tears and at breaking point… I know there will be days when I feel like giving up. There will be days in the rain, sun, sleet and snow! When I mentally and physically feel like I am going to break.

BUT, I look at the mountain in front of me, and I smile. I smile because I know, that in the deepest part of me, I am going to gain more than I can ever envisage. The sight from the summit will take your breath away, and leave you in awe of what the climb has taught you about yourself! 

Make no mistake about it, it’s not going to be easy. BUT it will so be worth it! Trust me… 

When I say this, some people may view this as a negative, but I always offer to them, what in life worth having comes easy’? It takes work to get what you want, whether it be a job, a relationship, financially or a dog sports goal. Its the ‘work’ that makes the goal worth achieving!

And whilst ‘the dog’ may be willing, able, and talented… it is the ‘tests’ along the way that make the view from the summit so empowering. It can be an emotional process to partake in dog sports. 

When my Boxer, Punch was injured and has to undergo surgery and a lengthy rehab process, I am not ashamed to say that it was an emotional time. I went from having a puppy with a future ahead of him, to a young dog that couldn’t even walk without being in immense pain and discomfort. The outcome didn’t look promising…. 

This was definitely a point on the climb up my mountain where I was faced with the prospect of having to concede defeat, and whilst I would have been grateful at that point just to have a healthy dog, I will also admit that, the cruel blow that had been dealt, really left me drained. 

When started the rehabilitation, I took this as another mountain ahead of us… and I reframed this in my mind. I took one step at a time, and Punch did literally and we climbed together. Step by step, day by day, we climbed. We had set backs and diversions, but we go there. We got to the summit of this mountain and I don’t think I have ever seen a view to amazing! When Punch entered in his first competition, my heart was in my mouth…and I have to say it wasn’t the Disney out come you would hope for. It was another mountain to climb. But we did it! We over came! We succeeded and we triumphed. It felt like we conquered the world! The certificate, the rosette, the obligatory selfie were a small mark to acknowledge the Mountains we had climbed thus far! And boy did it feel good! 

I was recently watching the docu-series about world famous Basketball Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls, and it really reiterated this point.

His success wasn’t just down to talent, it wasn’t just down to luck. It was largely down to perseverance in climbing the mountain! Or Mountains! People don’t necessarily see the hours and hours of work that goes into that jaw dropping shot as the final buzzer goes, or that gravity defying slam dunk… They don’t see the numerous times, he slipped down the mountain, or was on his knees, or his heads covered in blisters from clawing at the rocks…. 

See ‘The Mountain’ isn’t unique to dog sports. And now more than ever, we are seeing Mountains all around us. 

The ‘Mountain’ has a way to show you, who you are. It shows you, how hard you can push yourself and how deep you can dig. 

As a Dog Sports Coach, I have been able to help others as they climb their mountain, and reassure them that we will gets to the summit, that this rough terrain is just temporary and taking the longer route, isn’t a failure, as we are still gaining ground. Let me tell you, there are tantrums, tiaras and tears on the climb up that mountain! Sometimes, I am the person pushing them up the mountain, or pulling them up, or a shoulder to lean on when they need a rest, or even carrying them, when they get tired… I have to say, that being able to help someone else achieve their dreams and ambitions, is one of the greatest privileges I have ever had in my career. There is nothing more rewarding then being able to sit at the top of someone else’s mountain, and share the view, with them! 

When I started my online training, little did I release how impactful this medium would be for connecting with, and helping people on their journey to climb the mountain…

I have been a dog sports coach for years, where I worked with people in person, but working with people online has definitely grown beyond what I had anticipated! I have had so many people contact me about joining the VIP groups, but we after its initial launch and re-opening in 2019, we are only now in a position to re-open again!

SO… over the next few weeks, I will be giving out more details of how you can become part of my VIP groups…. And become part of a community where I can help you to the top of the mountain!!

In joining, you will become part of a community where the energy is supportive and where everyone is rooting for you, makes the prospect of climbing The Mountain, more achievable. We all need that!

Keep your eyes open for more information to come!

For now, stay safe! And enjoy your dogs!

Kamal Fernandez

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